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Wedding Invitations

It's important that the invitation convey the 

personalities of the bride and groom 

The invitation sets the tone for the entire event, from the quality of 

the invitation to how much care and thought have been put into it 

Traditional wording formats may appear rigid, 

so it is important to realize all of the design possibilities

The extent to which a couple can make the invitation reflective of 

their personalities plays a big role in how the invitation is received

Let me show you what I can do for you

Minimum Order: Set of 25


You can have a simple invitation that contains all the 

information your guests need to know 

You can add a response card with an addressed return envelope

You can add an insert card with more details

Your invitation can be wrapped in a pocket fold 

and sealed with a wax-like seal

Your outer envelopes can be lined

My Services

I will handle every detail from start to finish 

It can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose

Pick your Style, Fonts, Colors & Paper

Have a Personal Monogram created 

Outer Envelopes will have the return address printed on the back flap

Response Envelopes will be addressed and include 

a Wedding Forever Stamp

I will keep designing until you have your "wow" moment

My prices are all inclusive

Choices & Price List